Frequently asked questions

Is OnCare Local only for in-home care or can it also be used to find other types of local care?

Currently OnCare Local is purely focused on in-home or 'domiciliary' care. However, we do aim to publicise care/nursing homes and other forms of care in the future.

Can I use OnCare Local to search for care anywhere in the UK?

OnCare Local currently only contains information about care providers in England, but we will be looking to work with data from the regulators in Wales, Scotland and Norther Ireland in the future.

What is the CQC?

The CQC is the Care Quality Commission - they regulate the care sector within England.

What is a CQC rating?

The CQC rating is a rating given to each care provider by the regulator (the CQC) and is based on a number of different evaluation criteria or 'key lines of enquiry'. You can find more details about what went into each care provider's rating by clicking the link to visit their 'CQC profile'.

What should I do if I spot incorrect information on OnCare Local?

If you spot any information that you feel might be incorrect or out of date, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate for you.

Can I rate a care provider that I have used myself?

Not yet, but watch this space - we aim to include live consumer ratings alongside the regulator ratings in future versions of OnCare Local.

I am a care provider listed on OnCare Local. Can I add any additional information or correct my OnCare Local profile page?

Yes. If you are a care provider, we offer a system where you can own your listing, and add additional information to attract and inform potential new customers. Contact us at [email protected] and one of our team will be happy to talk you through the process.

I am a care provider but I'm not yet listed on OnCare Local. How do I become listed?

We regularly updated our site using data from the CQC, so you should appear as a listing on OnCare Local soon after your listing has been added to the CQC's site. However, if you are a service providing services that do not require CQC registration and wish to create a listing with OnCare Local, contact us at [email protected] and the team will talk you through your options.

I am a care provider and wish to learn more about OnCare's care management software. How do I find out more information and arrange a demo?

Visit our sister site - - where you can find images and videos about our software platform, pricing information, and an online calendar to book in your own live demo with one of our team.